In today’s world of wireless communications, high definition television and global access to the Internet, many people are unclear about the inherent advantages of satellite communications. Why does the satellite industry continue to grow? When is satellite the best solution? Here is a quick look at some key advantages of satellite communications:

Cost Effectiveness. Cost of satellite capacity does not increase with the number of users/receive sites, or with the distance from two communications points. Whether crossing continents or staying local, satellite connection costs are distance insensitive.

Global Availability. Communications satellites cover all land masses with maritime and aeronautical markets expanding rapidly. Customers in rural and remote regions around the world who cannot obtain high-speed Internet access from a terrestrial provider increasingly rely on satellite communications.

Superior Reliability. Satellite communications can operate independently from terrestrial infrastructure. The fact is, terrestrial outages do occur from man-made and natural events, but when they do, satellite connections remain operational.

Superior Performance – Satellite is unmatched for broadcast applications, like television. And for two-way IP networks, the speed, uniformity and end-to-end control of today’s advanced satellite solutions offers corporations, governments and consumers can achieve very high levels of performance.

Immediacy and Scalability. Additional receive sites, or nodes on a network, can readily be added, sometimes within hours. All it takes is ground-based equipment. Satellite has proven that it is unmatched as a provider of “instant infrastructure” for commercial, government and emergency relief requirements.

Versatility and More. Satellites effectively support all forms of communications on a global basis. From simple point-of-sale validation to bandwidth intensive multimedia applications, satellite solutions are highly flexible and can operate either independently or as part of a larger network. The Spaceconnection is among the best in the industry at seamlessly integrating any number of new satellite sites into an existing network with quality and security standards that match terrestrial services.